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Tone Commander 8810, 8610/8620, 6210/6220 ISDN, 7210/7220 VoIP, 6220T-TSG Phone Training.

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Grasshopper Virtual Phone System


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These online training presentations provide an animated functional demonstration of user operation and configuration for Tone Commander 8810, 8610/8620 and  6210/6220 ISDN telephones, 7210/7220 VoIP telephones, and 6220T-TSG on-hook secure ISDN telephones.

The presentations are Macromedia Flash movies with an audio soundtrack. Your web browser likely has the Flash Player plugin already installed; if not, you can obtain the free plugin here.

Each section has a file size of 0.5 to 2.7 MB. A broadband connection is recommended.

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